5th Ward Saints Mask - Ward & Parish

5th Ward Saints Mask

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New Orleans 5th Ward: Jackson Square

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5th Ward

The 5th Ward is similar in shape and size to the 4th Ward; it also extends from Lake Pontchartrain to the Mississippi River and is a part of the French Quarter. This ward contains the earliest and most famous portions of New Orleans. The Mississippi riverfront can be experienced to the fullest on a stroll down the Moonwalk.

The Moonwalk was named for former mayor Maurice “Moon” Landrieu and is the perfect location for a romantic sunset stroll. Visit the heart of the old French Quarter, Jackson Square (pictured above), and see a wide range of artists painting, drawing, and selling their works of art.

Moonwalk: 768 Decatur Street
Jackson Square: 700 Decatur Street

Source: https://blog.ihg.com/discover-new-orleans-wards