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New Orleans Sixth Ward: French Market

Source: Flickr

6th Ward

Considerably smaller than its neighbors, the 6th Ward is just 4 blocks wide and just under 40 blocks long. Even with its size, it’s not short on must-see New Orleans attractions. Along the Mississippi River is the French Market. Since 1791, this open-air market boasts 6 blocks of shopping and is open daily.

Just one block away from the French Market is The Old U.S. Mint.  The mint is the only one in the United States that has produced American and Confederate coinage. Over 100 years ago, the minting stopped and it wasn’t until 1981 that they mint was designated as a State museum site. It still stands today as the Louisiana Historical Center and houses a jazz venue on its upper floors.

French Market: 1008 N. Peters Street
The Old U.S. Mint: 400 Esplanade Avenue

Source: https://blog.ihg.com/discover-new-orleans-wards