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African Print (998364-1)

$8.99 USD


African print (998364-1) features various shapes and symbols that form geometric and tribal patterns all throughout the cloth. The earth tone colors distinctly stand out from each other and make this cotton print pop!

This printed cotton fabric displays vibrant and bold colors in vivid and contrasting patterns. The gorgeous motifs are printed on 45” fabric and mirror various cultural and traditional values. Our African print fabric is woven with 100% high-quality, all-natural cotton.

How To Use

Our African print fabric weighs 5oz per yard and is both breathable and insulating. Woven with superb 100% all-natural cotton, this fabric is crafted to maximize comfortability and durability. The featured colors and patterns really catch the eye.

This printed fabric can be used to craft shirts, dresses, jackets, boots and so much more. This printed fabric is so versatile, and there is no limit to what you can create. Spice up your home decor with a new quilted blanket, tablecloth, or even frame this beautiful print and hang it up on the wall.

Notable Features

  • 100% All Natural Cotton, Hypoallergenic.
  • Comfortable & Durable.
  • Breathable & Insulating.
  • Absorbent; Can Withstand Heat & Detergents.
  • Sold By The Yard & Available In Large Quantities.

Care Instructions

Machine Washable


Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 45"
Thickness: 0.32mm
Weight: 5oz per yard (approx.)
Stretch: 1% (Mechanical)
Bolt Size: 30 yards (approx.)