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Charmeuse Satin

$5.99 USD


Charmeuse Satin fabric is a smooth, lustrous fabric constructed with a satin weave and 100% polyester fibers. Known as “the fabric of the emperors," Charmeuse Satin fabric is luxuriously shiny on the front side, with a matte finish on the back side. A light to medium weight, silky fabric weighing approximately 90 GSM or 4oz per linear yard, Charmeuse Satin fabric is notably soft and gracefully flowy.

How To Use

Our luxurious Charmeuse Satin fabric is sure to liven up any occasion or event. Soft and lustrous, Charmeuse Satin fabric is wonderful to use for any breath-taking apparel such as, gowns, blouses, skirts, shorts, ties and so much more.

In addition to apparel, Charmeuse Satin fabric can be used to add style to your home or next get-together. Some wonderful décor ideas for Charmeuse Satin fabric are bedding, table linens, flowy curtains, chair sashes and more.

Do you want to see an example? Click here, to see a creative Charmeuse Satin Wicked Witch Costume tutorial.

Notable Features

• Graceful Drape & Flow
• Shiny Front Side, Dull Back Side
• Affordable Silk Alternative

Care Instructions

Machine Washable (Pre-Wash To Avoid Shrinkage); Avoid Heat.


Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 58/60"
Weight: 90 GSM, 4oz per linear yard (approx.)
Thickness: 0.17 mm (approx.)