Corded Metallic Lace With Rose Patches - Ward & Parish

Corded Metallic Lace With Rose Patches

$17.99 USD

Corded metallic lace is a beautiful corded lace fabric that measures 52" wide and has no visible ground. This is a non-stretch, thick cording that has a beautiful shimmer all across every single one of its cords. The metallic lace is corded together with two colors creating a nice color gradient when the fabric is put to use. The cords form a diamond shape and then are centered with floral patches that include rhinestones. Each cord in this fabric is twisted and turned in every way, making this a very sturdy and durable lace.
Use this to design a dress, or decorate your tables/chairs to create elegant decor that your guests will never forget. It can be used for evening gowns, dresses, draping, costumes, table covers, table runners, chair covers, and photoshoots. This fabric is also great for antique look craft projects.


Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 52" wide
Weight: 8oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard