Empire Plaid Print Polyester - Ward & Parish

Empire Plaid Print Polyester

$7.99 USD

Empire plaid print polyester is a 60" wide, 100% polyester printed fabric. This fabric features a beautiful plaid-like pattern, is light to medium weight and has a wonderful, silky flow. The fabric includes a detailed plaid design consistent with various shapes that run across this piece. Although this is a very tight-knit fabric, it is still airy and easy to work with. It also features no-stretch, great pliability and excellent quality print on both sides of the fabric.

This trendy patterned fabric is perfect to use for numerous apparel creations such as dresses, dress shirts, t-shirts, harem pants and more! Additionally, it can be used for crafts projects like pillows, pajamas, bed covers, table linens and more! This print is guaranteed to catch your eye. The possibilities are endless with this fabric, so let your imagination get to work!


    Content: 100% Polyester
    Width: 60"
    Weight: 3.6oz per yard (approx.)
    Minimum Order: 1 yard