Miami Dolphins NFL Fleece Fabric - Ward & Parish

Miami Dolphins NFL Fleece Fabric

$17.95 USD

This NFL printed fleece fabric is 60" wide, 100% polyester, and weighs approximately 16 oz per linear yard. The fabric is intricately woven for a warm thick body that provides excellent insulation. Support and cheer on your favorite sports team with this wonderful printed fleece. This licensed fabric features graphics and colors, of your favorite sports team so that you can wrap yourself up in this cozy fleece fabric to boldly display your team spirit.

This fleece also has a unique tight anti-pill composition, which prevents the fibers of the fleece from collecting into small lumps known as pills. This keeps the fleece smooth and clean even through repeated use. It is 100% opaque with vibrant colors and can be used for garments, crafts and more. It is soft and easy to sew by hand or machine.

This fabric is great for throws, stadium blankets, seat cushions, hats, scarves, and so much more! This fabric is made to keep you warm and comfy. Why stay cold this winter when you can beat the breeze with these licensed fleeces?


Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 60” wide
Thickness: 1.05mm
Weight: 1lbs per yard (approx.), 195 GSM
Minimum Order: 1 yard