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Mint Floral Beaded Metallic Lace

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The lace is 100% polyester and measures 52" wide. The lace features beautiful, metallic hand-embroidered flowers on a breathable mesh ground. In addition to the embroidery, the lace also has an abundance of beads and sequins all throughout the fabric. The color of the mesh ground matches the embroidered design. Edges of the lace have a carefully crafted scalloped edge that gives the lace an elegant finish. Overall the unique and detailed construction of the lace works great for overlays on evening gowns and other garment projects. The lace is perfect for elegant bridal wear, evening gowns, dresses, and more. It is also great for table runners, and other event decor projects.


Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 52" wide
Weight: 6oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard
Origin: Imported