Patchwork Nantucket Madras Plaid Fabric - Cameron (Style 16462) - Ward & Parish

Patchwork Nantucket Madras Plaid Fabric - Cameron (Style 16462)

$10.99 USD

This patchwork nantucket madras plaid fabric is a light-weight, 100% Cotton, 44/45" wide material. It has a pleasantly soft touch while providing a raised texture due to sewed on layers of the patchwork. The 4x4 inch square patches each have their own intricate plaid designs with colors that really stand out! This type of fabric is primarily used for summer clothing but with the abundance of colors, this fabric is great for all seasons. This material can be used to create summer shirts, fashionable long sleeve shirts, extravagant summer jackets, exciting shorts, unique dresses, and more! Available in a wide range of patterns, you can mix and match the patterns and patch them together to create your own exciting and original patchwork!


Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 44/45"
Weight: 6oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard