Peacock Feather Trim Layers on Poly Mesh - Ward & Parish

Peacock Feather Trim Layers on Poly Mesh

$42.99 USD

Peacock feathers on poly mesh is composed of real peacock feathers and measures at 60" wide. These soft, thin feathers are attached along a smooth ribbon trim on a sheer poly mesh background. This fabric consist of 11 layers of peacock feather for a realistic feathering display. The natural color of the peacock eyes are stunning with its iridescent greens, golds and sapphire blues for a shimmering effect. The peacock feathers are approximately 4" to 5" long each. The feathers have a soft and smooth touch held together by their strong quills which provide a bit of stiffness to the fabric. Peacock feathers are a versatile crafting material that is perfect for use as costumes, cosplay, event decor and much more.


Content: 95% Feather
Width: 60" wide
Weight: 1.0 lb per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard