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Polka Dot Large (White Background)

$7.99 USD

The polka dot large (white background) fabric is a light-weight 100% Cotton 43/44" wide material. It has pleasantly soft touch, and slightly translucent, especially under light. This fabric is particularly excellent to use in summer clothing, especially to create summer shirts, extravagant summer jackets, exciting shorts, unique dresses, and more! This fabric features beautiful 2 cm wide colored polka dots that run all across the fabric. Mix and match the pattern and patch them together to create your own exciting and original patchwork! The vast array of beautiful colors offer a timeless look that is perfect for any type of function.


Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 43/44"
Dot Size: 2 cm wide
Weight: 3.4oz per yard (approx.) / 90 GSM
Minimum Order: 1 yard