Poly China Silk Lining (45") - White - Ward & Parish

Poly China Silk Lining (45") - White

$4.99 USD


Poly China Silk Lining is a lightweight lining fabric that is 45" wide and 100% polyester.

This fabric is thin and silky with a beautiful flow and drape. It also has an extremely smooth touch and an elegant sheen.

Poly China Silk Lining fabric is a staple in the industry as the go-to lining for all types of garment and craft creations.

How to Use

This fabric is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications.

It can be used as lining fabric for crafts, such as purses and wallets, and for apparel creations, such as jackets and suits.

The poly china silk lining is also popularly used for band flags, event decorations for drapes, backdrops, wall covers, table covers, tablecloths and more.

Notable Features

Poly China Silk lining is manufactured by Fabric Wholesale Direct, cut to order and sent directly from our warehouse to your door.

Maximum continuous roll sizes range from 70 to 100 yards, but no minimum purchase is required.

Care Instructions

Machine Washable


Content: 100% Polyester
Width: 45” wide
Weight: 2oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard