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Silk Tissue File Floral Printed

$22.99 USD

This new floral printed silk is one of our most exquisite fabrics. It is woven from high quality silk threads from double cocoons originating in the far east. This silk is closely comparable to the silk charmeuse but has a unique difference. It contains beautifully printed floral designs that run along the entire fabric with a clean edge finish. This luxurious silk is extremely smooth and drapes beautifully as well. Additionally, it works wonderfully with apparel creations such as dresses, ball gowns, and other timeless heirloom garments.

Our competitive wholesale price with no minimums allows you to create high quality garments at an affordable cost.


Content: 100% Silk
Width: 44/45" wide
Weight: 3oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard
Origin: Imported