Two-Tone Reversible Sequins on Mesh - Ward & Parish

Two-Tone Reversible Sequins on Mesh

$22.99 USD

The two-tone reversible sequins scale fabric is a luxurious bed of 5mm sequins beautifully sewn on a non-stretch mesh ground. The sequins on this fabric are two-sided and reversible, so they change color as they are brushed or flipped. This unique color effect makes the fabric vibrant and shiny. The fabric is 52” wide (50” usable) with a substantial vertical stretch and slight horizontal give. The nylon mesh ground also helps to maximize the fabric’s durability as the nylon fibers are able to retain their original shape even after being stretched, especially when compared to lower quality polyester mesh grounds.

The two-tone reversible sequins fabric is popularly used for garments (dresses, costumes), crafts (purses, accessories, headbands) and, of course, photo backdrops. The fabric’s two-tone sequins make it extremely photogenic as the two colors contrast wonderfully in the camera’s lens.


    Content: 100% Polyester
    Width: 52" wide (50" usable width)
    Weight: 1 lb per yard (approx.)
    Minimum Order: 1 yard