Woodland Camouflage Printed 100% Cotton - Ward & Parish

Woodland Camouflage Printed 100% Cotton

$9.99 USD

This camouflage print is on a 58" wide 100% cotton fabric. This printed cotton is a very versatile fabric and is excellent to use all year round, especially to create fashionable face masks, stylish shirts, unique dresses, and more! As the colors overlap each other they create the camouflage pattern that is printed all throughout the fabric on one side only.

Camo print is extremely popular right now with its recent rise in fashion relevance, so the possibilities are endless with this fabric. Whether its time for some new trendy pants or a fashionable button-up, this fabric is an extremely durable fabric that is guaranteed to impress. This is a great material for new sewers because it is very easy to work with. It is a basic material and can be sewn by hand or with a sewing machine.


Content: 100% Cotton
Width: 56/58" wide
Weight: 5oz per yard (approx.)
Minimum Order: 1 yard